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On the Slow and Unbeaten Path in Vietnam

By Chris Mackay, Crooked Trails co-founder I wanted to get off the beaten path in Vietnam. So even though the floating markets of Can Tho were great and I very much enjoyed visiting the noodle factory there, I was heading further south into the Mekong Delta. My trustworthy and light-hearted…

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“Ke Garne” – What to do?

By Chris Mackay, Crooked Trails co-founder Chris is in Nepal to meet with partner NGOs and villages in preparation for our Nepal Rebuilding travel programs. Read the previous posts to learn more about her trip. July 24, 2015 It’s one thing to look at pictures of a place destroyed by…

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Cleansed by the Monsoon Rains in Pokhara

By Chris Mackay, Crooked Trails co-founder Chris is in Nepal to meet with partner NGOs and villages in preparation for our Nepal Rebuilding travel programs. Read the previous posts to learn more about her trip. July 16, 2015 We came to Pokhara, a quick 35 minute flight from Kathmandu, for…

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"My experience traveling with Crooked Trails affected me deeply and continues to be present with me in my daily life."

- Jane P.

Crooked Trails - Sustainable Travel Tips

Travelers Against Plastic Celebration of World Water Day

Travelers Against Plastic (TAP) celebrated its 2nd year by honoring World Water Day on March 22nd at the Adventure HUB in Seattle. The event was in conjunction with ATTA Connect and hosted by Crooked Trails, Wildland Adventures and EverGreen Escapes (three Seattle-based tour organizations). We had just over 25 people…

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Crooked Trails Included in Adventures Less Ordinary Guidebook

A new guide is coming out in January for eveyone who loves cultural travel. It’s called Adventures Less Ordinary, How to Travel and Do Good. Among the wonderful resources and information inside, there are three bits of great news about it: 1) It’s free! 2) It combines the expertise of two…

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An Update on the TAP Campaign

By Chris Mackay Our Travelers Against Plastic campaign (TAP) had a great jump in support when I presented the campaign against plastic water bottles at The International Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference in Kenya in September. I was overwhelmed by the positive response which, summed up in a nutshell was,…

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"I chose Crooked Trails because they are committed to culturally and environmentally sensitive travel."

- Loralee

Crooked Trails - Gear Reviews

Gear Review: Free Country Women’s Shale Softshell Jacket

STYLE THAT GOES A LONG WAY! by Tammy Leland I have been an outdoor enthusiast my whole life.  It all began in the early 70′s hiking and skiing with Dad in the Rocky Mountains. With a family of 6, we had no special gear for the outdoors. It was wool…

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Gear Review: The Hoo-rag

by Angela Dollar A little while back the folks at Hoo-rag asked us if we’d like to test-drive their product. What is a Hoo-rag? you may be asking. If you’ve ever watched the show Survivor, and have seen the color-coded “buffs” each player wears, it’s essentially the same thing. It’s…

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Gear Review: Chaco Sandals

By Angela Dollar Back in the 1900′s (okay, the 1990′s to be a bit more specific) it was all about the Tevas. If you are of a certain age, you’ll remember when Tevas first hit the market and people went nutso for these, the Grandaddy of All Sports Sandals. Never…

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"I appreciated all the information and checklists that Crooked Trails provided to prepare me very well for this trip."

- Monica B.

Crooked Trails - Travel News

Nepal Earthquake Update & How You Can Help #Give3Nepal

* CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LATEST UPDATES ON FACEBOOK* The massive earthquake that rocked Nepal on April 25 has been nothing short of devastating. This country and its people are near and dear to our hearts, and we are anxious to hear from our Nepali friends, as well as…

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Announcing Our Newest Destination: Vietnam!

Once upon a time, Crooked Trails used to run programs in Vietnam. As interested dropped off, it came off our destination roster for awhile in favor of more popular locales. But Vietnam has recently re-emerged as travelers’ hot-spot, and we couldn’t be happier to be offering travel programs in Vietnam…

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Launching a Non-Profit Coffee Shop In Cameroon

By Tanner Colton & Kolena Allen, Crooked Trails volunteers As our first big project in working with Crooked Trails, Tammy has asked us to head up the formation of a community owned coffee shop in Limbe, Cameroon. The coffee shop itself will be owned and run by local women’s groups…

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"We had opportunities to meet people and see things that no other traveling group would ever have had the chance to do."

- Lindsay