Which Peru Trip Is Right For You?

Peru is a diverse, fascinating country that provides a wide range of experiences. We offer multiple travel programs to Peru each year to match up with the varied types of travelers who hear the call to explore the Land of the Incas. Which type of Peru explorer are you?

The Deep Adventurerperu-andes-and-sacred
You are: A cultural connoisseur who likes to see different facets of a country to get a fuller sense of its national identity

Your perfect Peru program:
The Andes & The Sacred Valley
Dates: Departures year-round
Cost: from $2,375

Why it’s for you: From the artistic bohemia of Lima’s neighborhoods and the living history in Cuzco’s lively streets to the rustic, traditional lifestyle of the high Andes and the mystical Sacred Valley, this program is a study in cultural contrasts and immersive experiences meant to connect you to some of the many faces of Peru.

Crooked Trails traveler in PeruThe Hands-On Helper
You are: A regular volunteer with a big heart to match your big world view

Your perfect Peru program: Volunteer Service Program
Dates: Departures year-round
Cost: from $1,975

Why it’s for you: You may be short on vacation time but you have no shortage of energy and enthusiasm to pitch in and make a difference! This program represents the heart of what we do and what you are interested in: a meaningful, immersive travel experience where you will live and work alongside local people, working to bring appropriate technology that will improve the health and livelihood of a traditional village well off the beaten track.

The Non-Cookie Cutter FamilyMerek and his guinea pig - family travel
You are: A parent who doesn’t like to book a typical them park vacation package

Your perfect Peru program: The Peru Family Program
Dates: Departures year-round
Cost: From $3,050

Why it’s for you: A village stay with an indigenous Quechua family, guided exploration of sites such as Machu Picchu, and a slower pace for those who need naptime make our Peru Family Program the perfect meaningful experience to share and remember forever.

CSR program in the Amazon © Peter NewburyThe Nature Geek
You are: A National Geographic fan who has always dreamed of seeing the Amazon

Your perfect Peru program: The Amazon and the Inca
Dates: August 16 – 26
Cost: $3,033

Why it’s for you: Journey by boat deep into the Amazon for an unforgettable stay in a remote jungle lodge. Days are spent with extremely knowledgeable guides and connecting with local indigenous healers and educators. Also includes a home stay in an Andean Quechua village where your host will show you how the weavers work with nature to create beautiful and useful crafts.

We are now enrolling for all of these adventures and MORE in Peru; click here to submit your application and join us!

Still not sure which Peru experience is the right one for you? Contact us to help you figure it out. We’ve logged years of travel time in Peru and will be sure to find the right match. And if we don’t have the perfect program for you, we can custom craft your dream itinerary!

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