We Are Hiring for Executive Director!


Crooked Trails is seeking a creative and talented Executive Director to help take the organization in new directions. This part time position can be performed from anywhere in the US and on a very flexible schedule.

For over twenty years, Crooked Trails has worked to ensure that tourism is a positive force in the world. We support global community-based development projects in partnership with communities, tour operators, and travelers. Harnessing decades of experience, our work on countless global projects has prepared us to be the trusted resource for community-based tourism development. In addition to supporting community-based tourism in numerous countries around the world, Crooked Trails founded, Travelers Against Plastic, and fundraised for numerous projects in our partner communities. 

In 2020, after 20+ years of designing and selling life changing community-based travel, Crooked Trails focused our scope to exclusively supporting the creation, funding, and management of impactful projects in tourism facing communities around the globe. While we no longer sell travel, we believe strongly in the power that travel can and should have on both the traveler and the host community.

The person hired as our next Executive Director will be at the ground floor of this exciting refocus and will have the opportunity to take Crooked Trails to whole new levels of leadership.

To apply, please send a résumé and letter of introduction to info@crookedtrails.org. Include your vision for the future of Crooked Trails and how you will be the ideal person to lead Crooked Trails in achieving that vision. Read our most recent newsletter HERE to better understand the direction of Crooked Trails. You can also learn more about the work we are doing partnering with the travel industry HERE

Full job description here: Executive Director JD

For questions, please email: info@crookedtrails.org


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