Want to travel with us? TRAVEL 98118 and Connect with African Culture on Sept. 24th

Dear Friends,      

Two or three times a year I pack my backpack, grab my passport and board a flight for hours of travel, spend 100’s of dollars to visit the families and friends in communities around the world where Crooked Trails works.

Last year, I grabbed my family, found an old soccer ball and headed to Tukwila, Washington where I was invited into the home of a family of 9 refugees from Somalia who had just arrived into the U.S.  We sat on the floor of their new home, shared a cup of Somalian tea and talked about their arrival into the U.S.  My son played with their 7 kids all dressed in traditional clothing, they played soccer in the apartment parking lot and laughed together as all the kids tried to get on one bike.  I took photos as the kids all crowed over my shoulders to see the view finder and the first pictures they had seen of themselves.  The father showed me his work permit and his professor’s certificate from back home.  We discussed getting jobs in America and he sat silent as we pulled out my computer to set him up an email  account.  The mother grabbed my hand, tears in her eyes and said “mahadsanid“, Thank you in Somalian.

We returned every week to visit them, sharing our lives, inviting them to our family events and helping the father to create a resume.  My husband and I brought gifts for the kids, clothes, books and furniture.  The family cooked us food and brought friends to meet us.   I cried when the husband called me and told me he got a job working in Alaska in fisheries.

 Have you always wanted to travel with Crooked Trails?  Please do not miss out on the opportunity to join us on September 24th, just one day, to the Rainier Valley, the most diverse neighborhood in the U.S., to share your life with a refugee family.  Bring your family, offer your friendship, learn about what it is like to be a refugee in the U.S.

This locally based travel program provides a unique opportunity for a cultural exchange experience right in the heart of the city. Participants will be paired with refugee families who will welcome them to their homes to learn and share. 

We will dance Somali style, learn new words in each others languages, prepare Ethiopian injera bread, work together on service projects such as repairing bikes for local residents, and much more. The experience will culminate with an inspiring concert to unite all the cultures represented and to celebrate the lasting relationships being forged.

The program is built on the belief that everyone benefits from the opportunity to connect and share with neighbors, and to learn a bit about yourself and the world in the process.

Tammy Leland
Crooked Trails Co-founder and International Program Director

This program has limited space and you must pre-register to participate – click here!

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