Travel on Your Own Terms: Let Us Build a Custom Travel Program for YOU!

CT traveler and friend KenyaHave you been wanting to take part in one of our sustainable travel programs, but haven’t found the right match? Perhaps the program dates weren’t the right time of year for you, or you’d envisioned a different itinerary. Or maybe you love the itinerary, but joining a group is just not your style.

We have good news for you! In response to the varied needs of our travelers, our travel programs are no longer limited to group trips offered on set dates during the year.  Crooked Trails now creates customized itineraries for 2 or more people based on your personal interests, travel style and time frame.

Here’s what makes our custom sustainable travel programs so special:

* Flexibility to actively shape your journey. We work directly to create a travel experience that is tailored to your specific needs in terms of travel time frame, comfort level and independence.

* Access to unique experiences. Your program is built upon our strong in-country networks with experienced guides who get you away from the heavily-trodden tourist trail.

* Opportunities for authentic cultural immersion. Our deep, long-standing relationships with host communities around the world opens the door for you to be welcomed into true and meaningful friendships.

* Assurance of sustainability. Our commitment to sustainability means that we’ve done the footwork to make sure your travel dollars support local economies and protect natural and human resources.

CT traveler with kids in PeruWe are ready to work with you to hand-tailor a custom travel program that creates opportunities for you to learn, grow and be challenged in ways that will enrich your life forever.

Pick your preferred travel dates, browse by region and country to view the array of example itineraries we offer, and we’ll go from there! (Or just contact us and let’s talk travel.)

But don’t just take it from us! Read this traveler’s account of creating a custom travel program with Crooked Trails, or contact us to put you in touch with some of our past travelers directly.

And of course, we continue to offer founder-led group programs throughout the year. If you prefer to join a group of like-minded travelers on a guided adventure, this might be the right option for you.

Nepal host family

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