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Crooked Trails has long been committed to the fight against sexual slavery and human trafficking, leading trips to Nepal, Thailand, and India to learn on-the-ground about the issue. What is truly incredible is what happens when our travelers return home and share their experiences with their friends. Support starts to pour in to assist those at the forefront of the fight. 

Debbie D. and her husband David M. went to Nepal with Crooked Trails a few years back. Upon their return, they spoke to friends about meeting Anuradha Koirala at Maiti Nepal, and the work she is doing to rescue and rehabilitate trafficked girls. Many of their friends began donating, and now one generous couple is making an annual donation to Maiti Nepal of $10,000. That money is making a world of difference! Last fall, Crooked Trails organized a special travel program in Nepal for group of women and we asked them to bring instruments for Maiti Nepal’s fledgling music therapy program. The group brought over 30 instruments (some donated from the show Mozart in the Jungle – see the full story here!) The next phase is to fund the music teachers, and now some of the money from the annual donation will pay for the teachers.

Last fall, our co-founder Christine Mackay also lead a trip centered around human trafficking in Mumbai, India. One traveler on that program, Tracy R. , came home and shared her experience with her friends in Austin. Those generous friends were inspired by her story, and they just donated $10,000 to Crooked Trails to support our efforts in the fight against sexual slavery. Those funds are being disbursed among two organizations we met on that trip: Rescue Foundation and Kranti. We are also supporting a small organization in the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, Peru called Apronia Foundation, which works with kids who are at risk of sexual trafficking due to the gold mining there.

We are honored to know that when people travel with us, they are often so touched by what they experience that they feel compelled to share. That sharing brings in awareness and funding so we can continue to address issues that we feel are important for travelers to be educated about and take action on. 

Interested to find your own story to share? We invite you to join the next trafficking-focused travel program to Nepal with Chris Mackay this fall

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