The path ahead for Crooked Trails

On behalf of the Crooked Trails staff, board, partners and volunteers we send out our greatest wishes for good health and safety to you and your loved ones. 

The worldwide slow-down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is touching everyone in different ways, but one universal truth is apparent: our relationships and our connections are what we hold dearest in our hearts. This connection has always been at the center of our work. And now, as we re-shape our view on the world, we believe travel may take on an even deeper meaning after this time has passed. 

We have used the space being created by this worldwide pause to allow us to reflect on our mission and re-energize around its most vital elements. With so many unknowns, one thing is clear: the work we do around the globe to support communities is needed more than ever. 

To prepare for what is to come, we are scaling back our day-to-day operations, including pausing all travel programs, to survive the crisis ourselves. Crooked Trails’ primary objective over the next several months will be working to craft the role that Crooked Trails will play in the next 20 years and determining the best way to get support to our partners. We have been fortunate to get a small grant to begin this work. 

We humbly thank you for putting your support and trust in us throughout the 20+ years of Crooked Trails and joining us on this journey. If you are fortunate to be able to donate now your support will help us get this effort off the ground sooner. Please keep in touch as we brave this new world and new reality together. 
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