The Transformational Power of the Andes

Peru Andes vista by Jay Waltmunson

By Emily Jump, Latin America Programs The first change I notice upon landing in the Andes is an obvious one – at these heights, I feel the thin atmosphere in my lungs and muscles with … Read More

Travel Tips: Preparing for a Trek

By Crooked Trails Co-founder Chris Mackay Trekking in major mountain ranges, such as the Himalayas or the Andes, is a major accomplishment and a thrilling adventure. In order to successfully finish your trek, it’s best … Read More

Going Local in Peru: Have Dinner with Doris

By Crooked Trails Co-founder Christine Mackay The popularity of Airbnb is that it allows travelers to go local. Sure, it’s exciting to live in someone else’s house for a night or two, but it doesn’t … Read More