Why Volunteer Tourism?

The idea of traveling to another country and offering your assistance to an underserved community may be exactly what you’d like to do on your next vacation. But before you take off and offer your … Read More

Following My Daughter to Nepal

By Crooked Trails participant, Jane Privateer When my daughter traveled to Nepal with Crooked Trails in 2010, she returned and expressed the joy and excitement of her experience. She was cared for by an amazing … Read More

Waterfalls, Howler Monkeys, Changing Lives

by Claire Ricci In my twenties I wandered. I could travel for weeks sometimes months at a time. Each new place unfolded like a flower as I meandered through backroads, into new friendships, and into … Read More

Conservation and Community-based Tourism

by Chris Mackay, Crooked Trails co-founder I was listening to NPR this the other day.  Steve Scherer had a panel of Indigenous people representing diverse area of the world including the Australian outback, the Yakima … Read More