Special performance of RUINED brings awareness and support for women in the Congo

By Jessica Mann, Crooked Trails intern

On August 4th, 2010, Crooked Trails friends and supporters came together for a special performance of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Ruined, based on the experiences of Congolese women. Besides raising awareness of the indescribable horrors women have suffered as a result of the conflict there, all profits went to Women For Women International to help the women in the Congo.

With every audible gasp of horror and heartfelt sigh of relief in unison, the sold out Intiman Theater production of Ruined was a huge success… And that was only the play. The partnership of Puget Sound Women For Congo with Women For Women International and Crooked Trails made for a beautifully touching night of stories of friendships abroad and enough tissues to go around.

As the hands of the clock made their way closer to the start of the play, the lobby of the theater transformed. What began as a spacious room turned into a bustling market place with play attendees reaching over one another to pick up a scarf or necklace while others reminisced, sharing stories of travel and service in Africa and agreeing on similar ambitions to experience even farther corners of the globe. Ten Thousand Villages, Fabric of Life, and Rwanda Baskets came prepared with gifts and crafts to share, as well as the stories behind them, and Simone LaDrumma’s group of drummers offered an entirely appropriate and joyful back drop to the noise of the crowd.

With the atmosphere alive and excited, the bells rang and people hurriedly placed their newly purchased dolls and earrings into bags, making their way into the auditorium. Every seat was filled and the hours flew by. Suddenly the audience became invested in the purchases they had just made and the portraits of Congolese women displayed in the lobby. Suddenly they understood why they were in those theater seats on this particular night. And that is exactly what we’d hoped for.

The women of Puget Sound Women for Congo who made this event a success!

Crooked Trails was proud to be among the supporters of this great event. Thank you to the Puget Sound Women for Congo for putting on such an amazing event and allowing us to be part of it! Hats off for raising enough funds to sponsor 16 women in DR Congo for a full year, making a difference in the lives of our Congolese sisters.

The women of Puget Sound Women for Congo who made this event a success!

Do you want to be a part of this success story?

Donations are still being accepted – click here.

This photo will be shared with women in the Congo to put a face on the support and love being directed their way.

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