Power of She: A Women-only Journey to India with Chick Chat

By Christine Mackay, Crooked Trails Co-founder

Sustainable travel village homestayMeet Tracy Klinkroth.
Tracy has participated in three Crooked Trails travel programs, served as our Board President, and has been an undaunted supporter of our work for nearly a decade – raising tens of thousands of dollars to support our work through her fun events, such as Venice is Sinking: A Masked Carnival Ball. Tracy also has a huge heart and is always looking for ways to learn more and raise awareness around issues affecting women and girls locally and around the world.  There isn’t an event, film, or fundraiser that comes to Seattle dealing with the marginalization of women, girls education, or trafficking, that Tracy is not attending. Recently she has turned her eye towards bringing her women’s Chick Chat groups together to travel with a purpose.

Tracy asked me to create a program to India that would look at many of the hardships women face in the country, and more importantly, to learn about what was being done to address these issues. So we created our first annual Chick Chat’s Power of She India program to bring participants to India to learn about the many issues facing women and girls around the world: human trafficking, sexual slavery, marginalization, gender discrimination, lack of education and poverty.

Operated by Crooked Trails, this inspiring and rewarding program brings participants to meet with brave Indian women who are at the forefront of the fight for the basic human rights of women and girls. Participants will have the rare opportunity to understand these issues through the eyes and words of the inspiring women who are bravely saying “no more” to the cruelties inflicted upon women and girls.  In doing so, they will find the strength to add their own voice and support. The second half of the program will focus on internal health; both spiritual and physical, with yoga and meditation. This program will inspire, challenge, soothe and transform.

Does this resonate with you? We are now accepting applications for the inaugural Power of She India Program in October 2016.

Program highlights:

•  4 days in Hyderbaad meeting with leaders working on behalf of marginalized girls and women.
•  During the second half of the program: yoga and meditation classes •   Visiting a women’s cooperative• Art & cooking class •Hiking Arunachala Mountain  •Temples

Dates: Oct 9-20, 2016




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