Our First YouTube Video!


Yes, Crooked Trails has finally done it. We have finally jumped on the YouTube bandwagon (granted it’s about 5 years late, but at least we’re on it!) and uploaded our very first video! So please go to our new fabulous Crooked Trails YouTube non-profit website and check it out here. While you’re at it, feel free to join our friend file and subscribe to our page, as we will continue to upload more videos from previous clients, our guides, and from  past trips.

And if you have any videos you would like to share with the rest of the Crooked Trails community, or the YouTube world for that matter, send it our way and we would be happy to share your Crooked Trails experience on our website.

The video was created by the fabulous Tammy Leland, Crooked Trails co-founder and International Program Director for our annual auction. She pulled pieces from various trips from all different years, and after viewing it again we thought we couldn’t just let this gorgeous piece just sit in the office, we had to share it! So please check it out, share it with others, and hopefully it will  re-spark your own experiences and memories with us, or maybe inspire you to journey with us for your next trip abroad.

View the video here

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