Live the dream of 3 Cups of Tea

Did you read the book Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson? Chris Mackay, co-founder of Crooked Trails did (as well as the rest of us at CT!) and she she recalls, “I remember thinking the whole time – I wish I could go help build a school with Greg Mortenson in Pakistan.” Inspiring as it is, this is not currently a possibility.

kavrevillageYou can, however, go to Nepal and build a school. For the past 5 years Crooked Trails has been making a journey to Nepal to work on community development projects involving education. This coming year we are proud to announce a new school building project in partnership with KEEP (Kathmandu Environmental Education Program).

The  project  village,  Chandani  is  situated  three  hours northeast of Kathmandu en route to Melamchipul Bazaar and sits on the banks of the Indrawati River. The village has around 300 households, most of whom rely on agriculture and animal husbandry to sustain their livelihoods.

Shree Bindawasini  Lower  Secondary  School was established in 1975 with support from the government, private donations and contributions from the local community. The school’s 7 teachers operate classes from kindegarten to Grade 8.  It lies  in  the  heart  of  Chandani  village and provides schooling to the children of Chandani as well as several neighboring villages. Currently there over 320 students, many of whom are poor and from the disadvantaged majhi (fishers) community, whose families are often unable to afford their children’s educational costs.

kavreschoolexteriorSeveral sections of the school are in desperate need of renovation and maintenance work. The section we will be working on is in a very poor state and threatens the safety of the teachers and their students (Grades 1 & 2). A low ceiling, worn-out tin roof and collapsing walls are just some of the immediate problems. The school has proposed that we assist in a complete overhaul of this section and the construction of an additional new classroom.

Crooked Trails has already raised most of the funds for the school project and this year’s Nepal program will provide the remaining finances as well as some of the physical labor needed to get the job done.

If you haven’t read Three Cups of Tea, by all means – hurry to your local bookstore or library and pick up a copy! If you did read it and felt the inspiration that we did, why not join us? Read more about the Crooked Trails Nepal program on our website.

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