Maasai Warrior Training Experience

Kenya Maasai Warrior training learning to throw a spearCrooked Trails has worked with Maasai Warrior Kakuta Ole Mai Mai for over a decade on community tourism projects in his village of Merrueshi, Kenya. Together we have developed a new Warrior Training Program which will help participants develop self-esteem, improve physical health and increase their appreciation and knowledge of the Maasai culture.

On your Maasai Warrior training program you will learn all about a warrior’s life, including: how to make and your own warrior’s club, spear, shield and sword, lion hunting skills (although you won’t be killing any lions), tribal wrestling, and animal tracking skills. You will also get the chance to learn how to make fire, study medicinal and culinary use of wild plants, and learn how to slaughter and prepare a goat the Maasai way. Safety is our top priority, and all activities are designed to ensure safety as well as incredible learning opportunities. Everything you do is authentic and done with respect to the Maasai traditions and cultures.

Kenya Maasai walking with warriorsBenefits of the Warrior Training Camp include: cultivating leadership and team-building skills to help you work effectively with others, learning to live in harmony with the environment, developing a sense of brother/sisterhood, strength, bravery, and compassion.

The program is administered by well-trained Maasai warriors. Each of the warriors has been involved in a traditional lion hunt. You’ll have full advice, counsel, and support from the warriors each and every day, all day long. At the end of the program you’ll receive full warrior regalia, which includes a spear, shield, sword, club, and more.

Participants be at least 14 years of age in order to get the most out of the program and be involved in the spear throwing and sword use. However the program can be tailored to children as young as 10.


Sample Itinerary

Our itineraries are designed to let the country and its people guide your experiences. Please be flexible and allow the program to unfold.



Much of the day is spent in flight to Kenya, with an evening arrival in Nairobi. You will be met by your drivers and warriors at the airport and transferred to your hotel in the city. Get checked in and rest.

MEALS:  None



Breakfast at the hotel, then a late morning departure for the Maasai community of Merrueshi by private van. Upon arrival, you’ll meet your Maasai Warrior hosts and settle into the community huts. The huts are made of volcanic rocks and come equipped with beds, mosquito nets and lights. Some of the huts have private showers, others are shared. Lunch will be served shortly after arrival. Following lunch, your host Samuel will give an orientation to the Maasai way of life and the program. Our first afternoon tracking session will begin this day.


DAY 3-5


These three days in the village will be full warrior training days. Warrior skills will be the focus, so you will be honing your awareness skills, discipline, tracking, animal knowledge, spear and shield making, and fire making. You can choose to opt out of certain activities if you wish.

Mornings will typically begin with the local Maasai warriors escorting you into the bush to look for tracks and signs of animals. The Maasai know this land in a way no one else does and they will share this knowledge with you. You will also be learning to use the local plants. Keep in mind that the village is situated between two major national parks and so spotting wildlife is extremely common.

Other activities may include: meeting community members, engaging in Maasai and Swahili language lessons, fireside chats, storytelling, beading and visiting the local school and the clinic.




Shortly after breakfast we will drive 1 hour to Amboseli National Park, which covers 150 square miles in southern Kenya, not far from the Tanzanian border. The name Amboseli comes from the word empusel, which in the local Maasai language means “salty dust”. Amboseli is indeed dusty, due in part to its close proximity to Mt. Kilimanjaro, a 19,340-foot-high snowy volcanic peak that lies just 25 miles away. Nevertheless, Amboseli is quite lush in places, because the melting snows of Kilimanjaro flow underground into the park, continually feeding water to springs, swamps, and marshes. This easy availability of water has always made Amboseli a favorite spot for wildlife. In addition to the 1200 elephants that live there, zebra, wildebeests, giraffes, impala, leopards, lions, hippos, antelope, rhinos, wild dogs, hyenas, cheetah, buffalo, and more than 400 species of birds all gather in the haven of the park. We will return to the village to stay overnight.




After morning breakfast we will pack up for your final day of training, where you will camp out in the Chyulu Hills in a rustic wilderness camp. Once you get to camp and learn to set up a Maasai wilderness camp, you will go on your final bush walk. You will walk with your spear, club, sword and shield. Your warrior guides will be watching to see how you handle yourself, and will be quizzing you about the tracks and plants. After the bush walk, you will settle into camp where your warriors will share final thoughts on what is means to be a Maasai Warrior. You will share stories around the fire.




In the morning we will travel back to the main Maasai Simba Camp where you will enjoy a big brunch. Then you will have a few hours to shower, pack, relax, visit the village and hang out with your hosts. After lunch, we drive north towards Nairobi. We will stop at the Womens’ Cooperative which sells the amazing bead work the women have made. Afterwards we will head into Nairobi, stopping for a light dinner before bringing you to the airport for your evening flight home.



$3,495 based on double occupancy


8D / 7N


Custom departures available year-round




Nairobi - Merrueshi - Amboseli - Chyulu - Narobi


Village experience


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