Family Travel with a Purpose in 2016

By Crooked Trails Co-founder Chris Mackay

Both Tammy and I (co-founders of Crooked Trails) have young ones. Tammy’s boy is six and has been to India, Peru, Thailand, Cameroon (where his Dad is from) and is heading to Cuba this December. My daughter is 11 and has been to Peru four times, as well as New Zealand and Scotland a few times (where her father is from). We have both experienced the profound joy of seeing our children interact with children from other countries and can attest to the deep change that happens in them when they travel.

The brains of youth have the ability to create new pathways of learning (synapse connections) at an extraordinary rate. Scientists have shown that the way they build those synapse connections is by experiencing new ways of seeing the world – literally rewiring the brain. Having more pathways affects their lives for years to come. By traveling with your children, you are effectively teaching them to have an open heart and brain because you are wiring the brain to do just that. It’s a beautiful thing.

With that in mind, we are offering some great family trips. Join us!

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