Empowering Women Through Travel

Empowering Women Through Travel

On January 21st, 2017 over 1 million women marched in the U.S., and hundreds of thousands in cities worldwide, all asking to be heard. A slogan often chanted was “Women’s rights are human rights.”

Empowering Women Through TravelSupporting women helps to create a more peaceful and just world because it brings greater economic strength to all. Studies show that supporting women results in stronger families with greater financial stability, healthier relationships, and higher educational opportunities for their children. Greater peace is the result; not only within the family, but also radiating out to the greater community and beyond.

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th,  Crooked Trails invites you to join us in support of women around the world.

Support Maiti Nepal’s efforts to combat child sexual slavery and human trafficking in Nepal. We have operated Nepal travel programs and several fundraising events over the years in support of this great organization; join us this year in Seattle for a large fundraiser supporting Maiti Nepal. (Details coming soon!)

Help construct Catherine’s Coffee House in Cameroon, a women-owned business where 100% of profits support access to education, healthcare, and advocacy for women.Donate to support the project, or travel to Cameroon to take part in the process firsthand. Our co-founder Tammy, along with a group of Crooked Trails travelers, is in Cameroon now working with local women’s groups on this exciting project.

Create educational opportunities for children (especially girls) in underserved areas. Girls are the first to be pulled from school to help their families. You can travel to Nepal with us to help build schools where boys and girls attend classes together, help build student housing in rural Kenya, or support educational initiatives in northern India.

Join a Power of She trip we are creating in partnership with ChickChat to focus on women’s issues. Last year, the Power of She program in India looked at the marginalization of women and pathways to empowerment. This year, the Power of She travel program will be in Cuba, where we’ll meet with dynamic women and gain insights through the lens of Cuban women’s experiences. (Contact us if you’d like to receive details about this trip.)

Support female artisan cooperatives, such as Minka Chinchero Weavers’ Cooperative in Peru. A visit or homestay inChinchero shows support and recognition for the weavers’ efforts to preserve their traditions for future generations. Purchasing directly from an artisan adds a depth of meaning to your transaction and allows the profit to go directly to the artist.

Take part in one of our community-based travel programs, experiencing a meaningful cultural connection while staying in a local community and providing sustainable income to your hosts. This model empowers women because in traditional societies they are the caregivers and homemakers. CBT elevates and places value on their skill set, as they host travelers in their homes, and they gain respect and confidence.

Support women as leaders and changemakers in the travel industry and beyond. Choose women-owned businesses, as well as businesses providing opportunities not commonly available to women, like Kandu Sherpa – one of our trekking guides in Nepal. Kandu is her company’s first female guide, and she is recognized for her skill level and competency.  She’s sending a powerful message of the value that women can bring to the field; let’s create an environment where more women like her can thrive. (Read more of Kandu’s story here.)


Women’s issues are human issues. We are not only talking about women connecting with and supporting other women. We need both women and men to engage with us to truly make an impact and help set the standard for the world. All indices clearly show that supporting women benefits us all. Why wouldn’t you want to support women’s rights? 

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