Donate Your Spare Bike Parts, Accessories or Volunteer to Help

98118 bikesIn partnership with the Horn of Africa Services (HOAS), we will create a day of cross-cultural sharing and service on September 24, 2011 – the Travel 98118 Program! Participants from all over the Seattle area will spend time with African community refugees and immigrants learning about their culture through sharing food, music, art and more. In addition, participants will spend time working on used bikes, refurbishing them to donate to the immigrants and refugees in need who live in the 98118 area code.

We need your help: Bikes will be donated but we need the parts to fix them. Can you spare any of the following?

1.    Tires, wheels, brake cables and/or pads.
2.    Helmets – new or used.
3.    Can you offer your skills as a bike mechanic to oversee volunteer work for 4 hours on September 24th?

Please contact Lane Wilkinson at lane (at) crookedtrails (dot) org if you are interested in being involved in this fun day of cross cultural immersion and service.

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