Crooked Trails NEXT20

Over the last two decades, Crooked Trails have transformed tourism into a positive force in the world and we are proud of the results. 
We have:

  • Changed the way people travel
  • Connected travelers to people and projects around the world 
  • Channeled just shy of 1 million dollars in support of our overseas partners: communities, local operators and grassroots NGOs
  • Educated travelers on important issues such as plastic pollution and human trafficking. 

Today’s travelers are conscious of the impact our choices have, and they want to invest in local projects and communities.
They look to us to help them do it. 

Tourism, one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, is touching the farthest reaches of the planet. Travel is a powerful vehicle for sharing, connection, growth and prosperity. We want to invest in local communities so that they have the tools to leverage the waves of tourism for good.   We are thrilled to share a powerful example of what this work looks like with the launch of our new programs in Tanzania and Zanzibar!

Crooked Trails has been mentoring a Tanzanian social enterprise start-up from the very early stages of creating their own ethical travel operation. Now, we are ready to present their trips for the first time. Come to Tanzania and support this amazing new community-based tourism operation in its first steps – it’s a unique opportunity to be a part of their story as they share their special part of Africa with you.    As we embark on the next 20 years, Crooked Trails is re-centering on our mission to work with communities and partners to create positive models of tourism.

We are committed to the development and implementation of community-based travel initiatives that protect local ecology, preserve traditions and culture, and promote local economic stability. This is the heart of our work, and we invite you to be involved in helping shape this next chapter.

Be a part of Crooked Trails Next20!

Are you with us? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Make a donation to help jumpstart this new initiative  
    These funds will allow us to expand our capacity-building and mentorship for communities working to create sustainable local tourism, as well as grow our educational campaigns to help travelers maximize their positive impact. 
  • Travel with us!

    Taking a Crooked Trails trip is a wonderful way to become an active part of our work, as this brings resources directly into the communities we partner with and supports the initiatives we are helping them build. You and your family and friends will be a part of something bigger than just a vacation.
  • Refer like-minded travelers

    Connect friends, family, and colleagues with us who care about travel with a purpose. 
  • Contribute your time and talents 

    Offer your professional support in areas such as grant research and writing, photo and story contribution, SEO assistance, or help us leverage our Google Adwords grant. 

Travel is more than a vacation, it’s an investment in the future. 


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