Crooked Trails on New Deals4Dreams Site

Deals4DreamsWe are proud to announce we have teamed up with a local company that is dedicated to helping nonprofits, like ourselves, to raise money on a year around basis and spread awareness of our organization.  The name of the company is Deals4Dreams.

Twice a week, our subscribers will be receiving an email from us that contains a very high quality “deal” that is sourced by Deals4Dreams.  If the deal is something that you have interest in, when you purchase it, a percentage is given back to Crooked Trails at the end of the month.  For example, they have sourced a restaurant that you would like to try and it costs $50.00 which buys you $100.00 worth of food.  Of that $50.00, 50% goes back to the merchant and $11.00 will go back to the non-profits they’ve chosen to support, Crooked Trails being one of them! (Click here to subscribe if you are not already on our e-news list.)

We hope you as members will embrace this new and exciting program and share it with your friends.  Anyone can buy and support Crooked Trails. Through your continued support we will continue to grow in awareness and financially succeed.

Thank you!

Chris, Tammy and Angela
The Crooked Trails Team

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One Comment on “Crooked Trails on New Deals4Dreams Site”

  1. Thank you very much to all the folk at Crooked Trails – and your many supporters. We are very fortunate to have you as our partners.

    Your work in using social media to engage your supporters and others is incredible!

    We look forward to a long partnership and helping you to raise needed funds.

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