Crooked Trails Board President: A Farewell & A Welcome

Dan Travers

Crooked Trails has benefitted from the guidance and leadership of many exceptional individuals over the years, but never more so than the patient and capable oversight of Dan Travers. Among many other roles, Dan has served as our Board President for several years, but he has brought that chapter to a close by deciding to step down from the role.

We could not be more grateful for all that Dan Travers has brought to the table for CT, and we thank him for his years of service. Of course, Dan will remain tightly in the CT family fold… that’s a lifetime membership! So, you’ll still see him out in the field with us, or raising a glass at one of our events.

Likewise, we couldn’t feel happier about having Dan Moore, formerly our board’s Vice President, now assume the role of Board President. As Dan brings his own energy and expertise to the forefront, we are truly excited to set our sights on the next horizons with him at the helm!

Each of our ‘Great Dans’ have shared a few words about the transition:

Dan Travers:

Dan Travers Crooked TrailsFrom its humble beginnings in the Lisu, Lahu and Akha hill tribe villages of northern Thailand to its expansion into Central Asia, South America, Cuba, and beyond, I have watched, traveled with, and helped Crooked Trails grow into a dominant voice in culturally-sensitive tourism around the world. And, as their business consultant of 20 years, and Board president for at least 7 of those, I have also helped shape it and refine it as it lurched through the recession of 2008 and rebounded with huge successes.  I’ve been a guide and program developer on at least 4 trips through India, 3 in Thailand, at least 8 in Peru, and more in in Ecuador, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Chile.  I also endeavored to create Crooked Trails programs in Iran, Palestine, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Mongolia; places eager to host us even though maybe Americans are not quite yet ready for all of them.  Through all of this, Crooked Trails’ commitment to teaming up with small communities and using local providers while honoring their traditions and culture has remained consistent, unshaken and effective.  I remain proud of how we teach people to travel differently and at the same time provide our guests with the experiences of a lifetime.

Dan TraversSo it is with some sadness, that I now step away from the Board of Directors, but find comfort in knowing its Presidency is in the hands of Dan Moore, another very seasoned international and domestic guide, a veteran of managing a tourism business, a voice for sustainable tourism, and a close friend.  And he leads the best, most experienced Board Crooked Trails has ever had.

Still, I am not gone from the circle of relationships that is Crooked Trails, its communities and cohorts.  I have spent these past 2 decades strengthening my close friendships with the fearless creators of Crooked Trails; Chris Mackay and Tammy Leland as well as staff veteran Angela Broderick, and now the newer members of the team, Emily Jump and Alexis Bonoff.  These are friendships that will remain with me for the rest of my life.  And I will always travel with Crooked Trails.  Come on one of their great trips soon and you’ll see me in Peru this Summer, Cameroon this Fall, or perhaps in an old oceanside bar in Cuba, sipping Daiquiris and chatting with locals about the changes that are inevitable and how above all, we must continue to strengthen international friendships the way Crooked Trails has.”

Dan Moore:

Dan Moore Crooked TrailsSince beginning in the travel industry in 2007 I have followed and admired Crooked Trails’ work closely. I was honored to be asked to join the board in 2014, and have learned a ton throughout my time on the board. It was a big shock to learn that Dan Travers was stepping off the board, after the many years of service that he has given to this organization. And he leaves us in a very strong position. With big shoes to fill, I am even more honored to take on the role of Board President. We are in a great position as an organization and as a board and I look forward to building off the momentum from Dan’s hard work and the hard work of the staff and the rest of board.”

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