Sibuje, Nepal


A remote farming community at an altitude of over 8,000 ft. near the border of Everest Region and Makalu-Barun National Park, Nepal.




Nepali, Sherpa

Sibuje is a remote mountain village, far from the tourist track of the Solo Khumbu. The village is home to eighteen families, which is an average sized Sherpa community. Most villagers are subsistence farmers, while a few work in tourism as guides and porters. Those who work in tourism travel to Kathmandu during the Spring and Fall (high tourism season) to look for work. They return in early summer to help plant crops and reap the harvest.


After his father died when Karma was three, his family found it difficult to survive in the high mountains. At the age of 13 Karma left home to go and work in the Everest Region carrying loads for expedition companies headed to Everest. Over the years he worked his way through the ranks until he was working as an expedition leader. With the money from his work he was able to send his younger siblings to school, help his village, and create a business that he now owns and runs called Higher Path Treks and Expeditions. In addition to his business, Karma has created The Karma Project, a non-profit arm of Higher Path Treks that aims to support his home village of Sibuje. Karma’s big dream is to bring prosperity, health, and empowerment to his village and to all Sherpa communities. His is a shining example of hard work and dedication that Crooked Trails loves to support.


Crooked Trails is working hand in hand with local people to bring life-changing electricity to people that need it most. The current proposed project is to install a series of micro-hydro power generators in the streams and rivers nearby the village. This method is environmentally sustainable and is feasible for the local community to install and maintain. We are supporting our partner, Karma Sherpa, and his organization, The Karma Project, as they work to give children and adults a resource that can alter the future for generations to come.

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