Coffee for Good: An Interview with Todd Parks about Storyville’s Special Mission

Todd Parks has been a much-loved member of the Crooked Trails family for many years, acting as a Crooked Trails Guide/Facilitator for a decade as well as a major supporter of our work. He’s now the Director of Sales at Storyville Coffee, a Seattle-based specialty coffee company with a mission to end human trafficking. Chris Mackay caught up with Todd recently to discuss how drinking coffee can help in the fight against human trafficking.

How long as Storyville be involved in supporting the fight against human trafficking?
Since 2006.

How can buying an everyday item like coffee make a difference in the sex trade?
Global slavery is big business. Today’s rough numbers suggest that 35 million people are trapped in different forms of slavery turning 30 billion in global profits.  The sex trade accounts for about 10%. Most are women. Many are children. Well-meant organizations engaged in the fight against human trafficking unfortunately  spend  a great deal of time and effort raising funds.  We believe that they would be better served in the field freeing and rehabilitating those trapped in slavery.

It is our mission to support organizations that are truly effective in the fight. We are a For-Giving company, conceived  and designed for one purpose – Funding Freedom Fighters.

We donate monthly. Each month a different org is designated. (Organizations Storyville has donated to include International Justice Mission, Stolen Youth, and WARN. They’ve also supported SOLD The Movie.)

How does someone go about getting Storyville coffee?
Receive Storyville Private Reserve. Fresh roasted beans sent Priority Mail to your home or work. We roast our beans on Bainbridge Island. We ship our beans on roast day direct to you.

Coffee can be easily ordered on our website or by calling us. Or if you are near Seattle, visit us at any of our 4 shops.

What about quality? Is the coffee as good as what a coffee lover might be used to?
As good?   No. Better? You bet! We source and purchase the finest beans available. We roast gently and with great care for a superb medium roast. We blend for a delicious cup that is full and rich to the taste, never bitter or burnt.

Learn more about Storyville and order some of their suberb coffee at or by calling (206) 780-5777.

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2 Comments on “Coffee for Good: An Interview with Todd Parks about Storyville’s Special Mission”

  1. Great idea to fund freedom fighters. Hope to try some of your coffee. Heard Vernon rainwater speak this Sunday…he mentioned storyville …

  2. I’ve just started reading a bunch, lately about human trafficking, and applaud your actions. You mention some interesting numbers in the second question, above. Could you please share your sources? I’d like to learn more. Thank you.

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