Creating Healthy Kitchens in Peru

umasbamba peru woman healthy kitchens fundraisingAppropriate technology changes lives in Peru. Using mostly local materials, this new system has allowed smoke to escape, heat to remain, less wood to be burned and hot water to flow.

Nineteen year old Roggue is Quechua and lives in the village of Umasbamba in Peru’s Sacred Valley. He has gone to a training institute where he has learned about this new appropriate technology to build an orno (oven) which had three levels to it: for baking, drying and warming. The design of this particular type of stove, which is curved and made from adobe, is extremely efficient and uses only twigs to cook. The stove warms the kitchen and dining area by at least 15 degrees, which at 13,000 feet in the Andes is a serious consideration. As Roggue says, “the cold is hard on our elders and the young”.

Peru smokeless oven projectHere is how the stove works. A 10-gallon water container hangs on the wall about 2 feet above the stove, with a tube that allows water to flow down to the stove, heat up, and then return to the water container via another tube. Another tube leads down to the sink so that gravity-fed hot water is available. In addition, a hood above the stove collects the smoke and releases it outdoors. In most homes the smoke collects in the thatch rafters, making soot in the home a problem and causing lung problems for family members. Using mostly local materials, this new system has allowed smoke to escape, heat to remain, hot water to flow and less wood to be burned.

What will it take to get this in all the homes of Umasbamba? There are 30 families in this impoverished village high in the Andes Mountains and Crooked Trails is committed to build a eco-friendly kitchen in each one. To date, we’ve completed 10 stoves, and our goal is to build another 10 by the end of the year. We are also working to take this wonderful technology to other partner villages, including Vicos, Peru.

Each system costs about $300 for materials. (Crooked Trails travelers lend a hand to build the stoves during some of our Peru travel programs.)

Healthy Kitchens in Peru

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