"Namaste Reunited": Coming Soon to ArtXchange

Our wonderful friends at ArtXchange Gallery will be featuring an exhibition that explores the Namaste Children’s Fund history and projects. They will also be exhibiting new work by Cora Edmonds, benefitting NCF. “Namaste Reunited” opens … Read More

A Chat with Dan Moore from EverGreen Escapes

Local green travel gurus Jake Haupert and Dan Moore offer fantastic year-round getaways here in the Pacific Northwest through their company EverGreen Escapes. (Click here to read a recent profile on the Wanderlust & Lipstick … Read More

Yes We Can – Travel!

by Crooked Trails co-founder, Christine Mackay For many people including myself, travel is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!  It’s an integral part of one’s life, it’s the way we interact, integrate and enjoy as … Read More

Bhutan: Where Ancient Meets Modern

by Crooked Trails co-founder Christine Mackay Since my recent return from Bhutan, people have been asking me what I thought of this lost Shangri La. My reply has consistently been: “It’s not like any country … Read More

…drumroll…our two new interns!

Hi! I’m Bill and I’ve just begun interning with Crooked Trails. My interest in international education and travel began as a study abroad participant to Beijing in 2003. After graduating in 2004 from Pitzer College … Read More