Projects We Support

General Support For Crooked Trails Programs

Maiti Nepal girls beadingFor almost 20 years Crooked Trails has worked to bring unique, responsible, and cultural relevant travel experiences to the world. We work every day with partner organizations all over the world to utilize tourism and travel to improve the lives of those people who call these destinations home. Our core values of sustainability, cooperation, and social justice lead us to work with some of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Your general support for our organization will guarantee that this work can continue and many more people can be served and many more experiences can be had. To support us or any of the projects you see below, please click the “Donate” button to the right and pledge to support responsible travel and community development today.

Combatting Sexual Slavery In Nepal

Maiti Nepal girls beadingFor over ten years Crooked Trails has supported the work of Maiti Nepal which rescues girls from lives as sex slaves from the brothels of India. There are 500 girls at Maiti Nepal and the center receives no assistance from the Nepalese government, which would prefer not to admit that sex trafficking occurs.

Creating Healthy Kitchens In Peru

Umasbamba Peru womanAppropriate technology changes lives in Peru. Using mostly local materials, we’re helping to bring a new stove system that allows smoke to escape, heat to remain, less wood to be burned and hot water to flow to the remote village of Umasbamba.

Building Schools In Rural Nepal

Nepal happy school girlsEducational opportunities are crucial to young rural Nepalese with hopes for a better future. In Nepal, most children attend primary school up to age 10, but in rural areas there often is not a secondary school near enough for them to complete their education. Crooked Trails is actively participating in the construction or repair of many schools that were destroyed or damaged after the April 2015 earthquake. Projects are taking place in many villages including Chandeni in the Kathmandu Valley, Hil in the Himalayan foothills near Lukla, and Karki Guan as well.

Lighting The Way In The Mountains Of Nepal

In the remote mountain village of Sibuje, far from the tourist track of the Solo Khumbu, Crooked Trails is working hand in hand with local people to bring life-changing electricity to people that need it most. The current proposed project is to install a series of micro-hydro power generators in the streams and rivers nearby the village. This method is environmentally sustainable and is feasible for the local community to install and maintain. We are supporting our partner, Karma Sherpa, and his organization, The Karma Project, as they work to give children and adults a resource that can alter the future for generations to come.

Sustainable Coffee And Community Resource Center In Cameroon

Maiti Nepal girls beadingAn exciting new project is taking shape and now is the time to get involved. Crooked Trails has partnered with local coffee farmers and women’s advocacy groups in Limbe, Cameroon to create a locally owned and run coffee shop and community resource center that will benefit woman-run support groups in the town. The shop will source all their coffee products from the local coffee farmers’ co-op that provides farmers direct access to the market so they get a fair price for their crop. Our hope is to see a place where people can meet, work, and strive for a better future together. Oh, and enjoy some delicious coffee too!